Emilie finds her inspiration from our broader environment, in all its colours and movements. The grey of concrete in the city, or the smoothness of the clouds. Each piece of artwork thus becomes a unique expression of her response to the world and people around her. Without any tangible idea in mind, Emilie lets her feelings flow onto the canvas. It’s all about experimentation.

My passion for Art began at a young age, surrounded by paintings and music I learned and practiced a variety of techniques, from realistic watercolours to Chinese calligraphy. It wasn’t long before I began experimenting with abstracts. My work is a combination of fine brush strokes, splashes and sgraffito technique made with acrylic painting. I focus on thin layers to build contrast and luminosity, and accentuate texture.


  • 2016 Infant Earth, Pumpkin Lane Gallery, Melbourne


  • 2017 Meanderings in Visual Language, No Vacancy QV Gallery, Melbourne
  • 2016 Emerging Art Australia, Inner Space Gallery, Melbourne
  • 2015 Chancery Lane Gallery, Adelaide
  • 2015 Melbourne Arts Club Gallery, Melbourne


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