Emilie grew up in Paris where Art is on every corner of the street. Her passion for painting began at a young age. Surrounded by museums and a constant turnover of exhibitions, she learned and practiced a variety of techniques, from realistic watercolors to Chinese calligraphy. It wasn’t long before she began experimenting with abstracts.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I paint when I get the urge. Different sounds, colors, lights, movement can trigger me. The grey of concrete in the city, the smoothness of the clouds. I also listen to a specific song for each painting that I make. It is crucial to set the atmosphere of the studio.

How do you describe your art?
I think my work is a unique expression of the response to the world and people around me.

How do you feel when you are in the middle of creating a new painting?
I’m a combination of calm and chaotic. Without any tangible idea in mind, I let my feelings flow onto the canvas. It’s all about experimentation.


  • 2016 Infant Earth, Pumpkin Lane Gallery, Melbourne


  • 2017 Meanderings in Visual Language, No Vacancy QV Gallery, Melbourne
  • 2016 Emerging Art Australia, Inner Space Gallery, Melbourne
  • 2015 Chancery Lane Gallery, Adelaide
  • 2015 Melbourne Arts Club Gallery, Melbourne


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