My interest in the process of moving between a known and unknown experience is what represents my work. Change, growth and personal perception – cycles of decay and renewal – deconstruction and reconstruction are the reoccurring subjects.

I believe changes are necessary, serving as an invitation to savor this precious life and a way to experience a sense of growth and purpose. My intent is to make art that highlights these cycles of decay and renewal, and questions what lies beyond our sight. Ultimately, my purpose is to help you embrace this imperfect world and bring you serenity.

I explore these ideas through my choice of mediums and methods. Without any tangible conclusion in mind, I let my feelings flow out onto the canvas. I work intuitively and abstractly, leading by the music. I progress by adding layers after layers, making marks, erasures and abrasions until something appears. The result is ambiguous and challenges perceptions. It’s a building relationship where the viewers need to find their own definition of the painting.